Where to Store Passwords

by Safe Password Management on April 19, 2011

Where in the world should I store all my passwords? I’m pretty sure this question has popped into the mind of everyone who has ever used a computer. So, let’s first make an exhaustive list of possible password storage locations and then refine the list a bit.

Where to Store Passwords:

  • in your head
  • on a post-it note
  • in a notebook
  • in the file cabinet
  • on your computer in a file such as word, excel or notepad (secured by password or not)
  • on a document in the cloud
  • in your email
  • in your wallet
  • in a password storage software program like RoboForm
  • print out your passwords and put them into a safe
  • on your usb drive or jump drive
where to store passwords

Where to store passwords

I’m sure you have used or seen others use password storage methods not described here. If so, please comment with your additions.

As I suggest, coming up with a password scheme that you can reliably remember is a good way to roll. But, this probably won’t work if you have ten different sites using high quality passwords (long and complex). Storing your passwords in a password protected file is another “maybe” strategy. You’ll want to be smart about how you do this and of course you’ll need to remember the password to the file! The safest route is do cough up some spare change and purchase a password manager like RoboForm (which we think is the best). As for all the other “where to store password” ideas… please don’t even consider them.


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