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by Safe Password Management on April 22, 2011

Even though we post frequently about generating your own safe passwords. If you have alot of them and you plan on storing them in a password manager (to help you keep track of them all), then maybe what you need is a safe password manager. You’ll want an online tool or local tool that doesn’t transfer any data over the internet. You’ll want a safe password manager to help come up with passwords that are¬†secure enough. SafePasswd is one such tool which generates a random password based on a variety of different criteria. Also,¬†SafePasswd has a nifty password quality meter that determines if the password is secure enough. You can keep generating passwords until you are happy with the one you want.

We decided to build our own password generator for fun. Check it out below. You simply choose the types of inputs you want to include in your password (lower case, upper case, numbers, and which set of symbols) and then choose how long you need your password to be. Then, click Generate Password! It is safe to use. No data is transferred or stored anywhere. We hope you like this safe password generation tool.

Choose PW Length:




Upper Case – A through Z 

Lower Case – a through z 

Numbers – 0 through 9 

Common Symbols (?*&#!_-) 

All Symbols
  1. If this password generator includes characters you cannot use, simply remove them.
  2. The longer your password is, the more secure it will be. Try for at least 15 characters…
  3. This tool generates data on your computer only and does not transmit or store anything.

This tool is provided as is without warranty, express or implied. Any use is at your own risk.

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