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by Safe Password Management on April 23, 2011

After writing this safe password generator the other day, we thought why not let our visitors benefit from another type of online password generator. Here’s how it works. Simply type a long and memorable sentence and watch as the first letter of each word is converted into each character of your password. For this password generator, you can include symbols or exclude them with the checkbox below. If you want, you can even convert common symbols into other characters using the conversion fields below. Finally, we’ve set the password generator result field to turn green when you have achieved 15 or more characters for your password length (a fairly safe password length).

Begin typing and build a long, easy to remember password. Please note that you can also paste in a long sentence or two and magically convert it to a strong password. Change any common symbols/punctuation within the text to suit your needs. After you are done, feel free to further modify your password.

Include Symbols? (tip: convert symbols to suit your needs)

instead of .

instead of ,

instead of !

instead of ?

instead of :

instead of :

instead of &


Try out this free online password generator tool to help you learn how to generate long, complex and easy to remember passwords. This tool and any tools on this site will never transmit any of your data, ever! For the cynics and skeptics among us, peek at the javascript behind this simple tool to see for yourself. This tool/service is provided “as is, as available” without warranty, express or implied. Think of it as an educational tool to help make your password management safer and more secure.

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Safe Password Management April 27, 2011 at 9:12 am

Ok, some folks have criticized this tool for not generating secure passwords or have joked that it might be a ploy to steal your password information. 1) As we have posted elsewhere on this site, password length trumps password complexity in general. I’d rather have a 20 digit password using mixed case, some numbers and some punctuation than a very complex 6-8 character password. Think of this tool as an educational tool to help you learn about generating long, memorable passwords… or don’t : ) 2) as for those who think this is simply a ploy to steal password data… nothing could be further from the truth. Take a moment to browse the content on this site and even look at the simple javascript behind the tools we provide and you’ll see there is nothing malicious going on. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated. We will update this tool with new ideas that people share (perhaps a feature to transform any Nth character automatically, perhaps a feature to reverse everything, etc…).


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