by Safe Password Management on April 19, 2011

KeyPass is an open source free password management software program that makes it convenient for you to store all your passwords in a single database. The passwords are encrypted and a single “master password” is all you need to unlock the passwords in the database.

Using KeyPass is relatively straight forward. From the KeyPass Tutorial site, they provide this overview of the first few steps towards using this password management software.

The very first step is creating a new password database. KeePass will store all your passwords in such a database. To create one, click ‘File – New…’ in the main menu or click the leftmost toolbar button. A window will appear, which prompts you for a master password and/or key file. The database will be encrypted with the password you enter here. The password you enter here will be the only password you’ll ever have to remember from on now. It should be long and built up of mixed characters. Keep in mind that when someone gets your database file and guesses the password, he could access all passwords you stored in the database.

KeyPass Password Safe

KeyPass Password Safe

KeyPass works with any browser or application and KeyPass does not write anything to the system registry, so you can be run off a USB flash drive. You can use KeyPass to store sensitive information such as computer passwords, PINs, credit information, social security numbers, drivers license numbers, passport numbers or any other sensitive information.

To begin using KeyPass, you need to download and install a version of KeePass. You can find KeePass for Windows, KeePassX for Mac and Linux and KeePass Portable a windows version installable on removable media to take with you wherever you go.

Once you have everything installed and your database setup, you will begin to add passwords. The most basic way to use KeePass is copy the password to the clipboard and then paste it into the appropriate field within the KeyPass system. A feature I like… by default KeePass will empty the clipboard after ten seconds for added security.

You can download KeyPass and let us know what you think.


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