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by Safe Password Management on May 17, 2012

Why do we need an Android Password Manager? The shift to mobile computing has happened. Android users make up a hefty portion of mobile device users. If you have an Android based mobile device, you might be wondering how to manage all your passwords. Good news. There are many quality Android Password Managers available to you and they work very well. Some of the Android Password Managers are free, others are available for a small fee.

Managing passwords on your Android phone or tablet is no easy task. You likely have passwords for email, online banking, facebook, linked-in, twitter, etc., You could have ten or twenty password protected sites that you need access to. Unfortunately, many users simplify this task by simplifying their passwords, either by using the same simple password for all their sites or slightly modifying a root password with something to designate the specific site. By simplifying the password, users put all their personal and financial data at risk.

Here are a couple of Android Password Managers that are worth a look:

LastPass is a very helpful Android Password Manager. Features of LastPass are that is it easy to use; you only need to remember one master password. It will automatically fill out forms for you. All LastPass data is encrypted on your Android phone or tablet using your master password. Best of all, this Android Password Manager will synchronize across all your browsers and devices so it works for your Android devices and your desktops and laptops.

KeePass is another quality Android Password Manager which helps you to manage your passwords securely. You put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. KeePass is designed for the Windows OS (Operating System) and there are software ports for iphone, android and other portable devices.

Another Android Password Manager called mSecure keeps your data is safe because it uses the ultra-secure 256bit blowfish encryption to protect personal information such as account numbers, usernames, passwords and more. As a digital wallet, mSecure provides 17 popular personal information templates with the ability to create custom templates to make data entry a snap! mSecure for Android is also fully-compatible with the company’s popular desktop products; mBackup and mSecure Desktop to make personal information accessible and secure everywhere its needed. mSecure has an premium Android look and feel with features like collapsible section headers, search, sort and auto-login assist.
mSecure Password Manager for Android is $9.99 on the Android Marketplace.

We try to avoid recommending specific Android Password Managers here but these three are certainly worth a look.

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